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The Realities of Mold

Home contaminants create stress among some family members not fully understanding the severe reactions of their loved ones. Some people get use to the smells in their home, office or vehicle and do not recognize the escalating issues. For others, health issues can eventually become irreversible. Mold and bacteria are microscopic, poisonous mycotoxins that attack: organs, blood, sinuses, lungs, digestive system, brain, joints, skin, eyes, emotions and other system of your body. Asthma is the one of the top reasons children go to the emergency room.

Mold slows down medical treatments; causes time off work; loss of energy; insomnia; depression and shortens your life. Then your immune system is weaker, you become even more vulnerable to chronic physical and emotional problems. Life threatening health issues can accelerate over time. If you have health issues starting, it maybe time for you to take action!

A little known fact is mold and sick building syndrome (SBS) more often develops from numerous sources over several years. Many problems today originally sprouted years ago. Moisture intrusion can speed up the problems.

Other sources we resolve are gases from formaldehyde in new carpeting and mobile homes or Benzene or Benzol.  This is one of the 20 most used chemicals in the US and is an irritant and a cancer causing agent. It is found in rubber, detergents, dyes, pesticides, cigarette residue, shoes and more. Its effects include anemia; drowsiness; sleeplessness; headaches; low white blood cell count; reproductive organs; dizziness; changes in bone marrow; tremors; confusion; unconsciousness and death.


Mold Gone 4 Good

Mold Removal

Mold Gone 4 Good uses the newest technology that kills Mold and Odors in about a day, Guaranteed, or it’s free! Our one-of-a-kind service break down the oxygen molecule without the use of chemicals (so it is green), plus it helps 200 health issues!

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Mold Gone 4 Good’s environmentally safe process organically decontaminates the ducts, A/C and behind the walls. The new air is the healthiest that you will experience. You may find all this to good to be true. See our happy customers on our website that were skeptical too. We welcome you to talk to them about our non-invasive, non-chemical solution.

That is why we are the only Guaranteed Service.

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