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~ Donna H. Bowman,

Cumming, GA

The first naturopath I visited, Dr. Winston Cardwell, was the first doctor to ask if we had had any water damage in our home. A simple, profound question capable of truly uncovering a toxic, major cause of my 52+ symptoms. Yes… our roof and washing machine had leaked! Both were replaced, but mold remained. One leak hid in a closet for 12 years. More than 30 healthcare providers—in two years—neglected to ask about my environment.
I then interviewed several mold remediation companies; none guaranteed success. Most insisted on replacing the toxic cancer-causing mold with toxic-cancer-causing chemicals… charging a fortune to swap contaminates. One wanted $79,000 while admitting he had extensive mold issues in his own home (his wife insisted there was a problem; he didn’t listen… or test the air)! One company offered using (potentially irritating) botanicals in our home. However, extended exposure to mold caused hyper-sensitivity to chemicals, scents, electromagnetic fields (EMFs: computers, Wi-Fi, cell phones), and most food, so risking exposure to potent botanicals didn’t make sense. Either way, these “spot treatments” only remove mold in obvious areas. This is illogical as mold spores are airborne, contaminating whole buildings and their contents. Similar to mold being inhaled, traveling throughout the body, and then trying inhumanly to “spot treat”!
If we had relied solely on the first mold remediator we hired (a national chain), our home would still be contaminated. The local franchise owner sounded knowledgeable, but worked on 14 houses simultaneously, and sent laborers who displayed little knowledge of effective/safe mold remediation. Their constant negligence left us in a hotel with our scared cats for six weeks. Before work began, he quoted a bulk estimate—not detailed. Later, he refused to give a detailed invoice, did not complete the work, and threatened putting a lien on our home if we didn’t pay all the additional charges.
Donna Siebert and Sam Johnson with Mold Gone 4 Good displayed excellent work ethics, were knowledgeable, compassionate, competent professionals. I wish I found them first and had them do repairs (replace crumbling wood). They guaranteed their work, and gave us a reasonable quote for the ozone/infrared treatment of the whole house. Thanks to them, the toxic mold is gone… as confirmed with post-treatment testing. This likely saved my life! My health dramatically improved… naturally… without the recommended surgeries or drugs. Our cat’s health also greatly improved. Killing the mold was a necessity. Then I could address lowering EMFs and grounding. Now, pain only flares up in two spots when I’m around excessive EMFs, but that is also improving. We have our lives back! Environment is everything!
A few months later, my father also discovered mold in his home. A condensation hose was installed improperly on his new home’s air conditioner. Over five years, this slowly, silently became a toxic mold haven in a closet… which traveled through the humid air to contaminate the rest of the house and caused incapacitating headaches. Donna and Sam also successfully treated his home. The devastating headaches stopped!
Mold is put on this Earth to decompose. That’s its job. It’s not programmed to consider the feelings of what it lands on, or who it’s inhaled by. It simply does its job. My body didn’t like being eaten alive. Mold did its job. It decomposed. Fortunately, Donna and Sam simply did their job. They killed the mold in our home. Dead! Our family will be forever grateful.


~ Emily Farmer

- Property Manager, Student Quarters Valdosta

We were very pleased with your company and the work that was done at Brookwood Forest during our rehab. We appreciate the thoroughness of the job that was done to ensure the cleanliness of our units. You and your staff were very easy to work with and we look forward to any work in the future that we may be in need of your company for. Thanks again for a great experience.


~ Tim Leaf,

Dawsonville, Ga

We are the first people to ever live in our house full-time as it was built to be a youth retreat. As the years rolled on from when it was built (late ‘80s), naturally things started to deteriorate. As no one was living here full time it went unnoticed until it was too late that the dreaded black mold was growing in the basement and was headed towards the upstairs. You could literally smell the mold spores when walking in the front door! The mold was so bad it had gotten in all our boxes in the basement within a few weeks. It was just downright dangerous for anything alive to be there. We had to do something immediately but had no idea where to start. That’s when we heard your advertisement on the radio. We called not only you, but 5 other companies as well. You were the only one to call back in a reasonable amount of time. Another company called me back 4 days later and the other 3 never called me back at all. I appreciated how patient you were in answering my questions and explaining easy ways for payment. Speaking of payment, we thought it would be 10s of thousands of dollars for the size of house we have here. We were very pleasantly surprised!! When it came time for your services, the entire process was not easy but it really felt like it was being done by a friend that we’d known for a long time. Thank you for being so thorough in your work. I would recommend your services to ANYONE. We couldn’t be happier! And the mold is truly gone! Our house still smells amazing.


~ Charlotte Dickinson

I am very happy with the work done by your company, Mold Gone 4 Good. You did exactly what you said you would do plus a little more. Not only was all the mold killed, but your men cleaned stones and chunks of concrete out the crawl space before laying new plastic on the ground. They also added new pipe to extend the condensate drain from the air conditioner to get the water further away from the foundation. My crawl space and foundation look better than ever after your company finished the work.


~ Veronica

Thanks to Donna and Mold Gone For Good for a job well done. We found mold in our newly purchased house and wanted it gone to make sure our children did not get sick. The process they use is fast and effective, when it was done we noticed a dramatic change in the air, the house smelled completely different. It got rid of musty odor, a strange pet/cooking odor, and all the mold seems to have been killed, even behind the drywall. We could tell because we had to tear out the drywall to install a drainage system and all the mold on the back sides was turned to harmless powder that you could just rub off with your finger. Thanks to God and to Mold Gone for Good for making our home livable.