Odor Elimination

The Mold Gone 4 Good Odor Elimination process demonstrates how far we’ve come. Now, Odors from animals, fire, mildew, crime scenes, and other difficult situations are easily destroyed with our environmental air purification service. The infection exposure of these situations is also neutralized.

Home furnishings and cloth tainted with fire or even sewage odor, in most cases can now be saved. Leather and paper items covered by mildew that in the past would have been thrown away, are now salvageable.

The most common problems we resolve are odors from animals, smoke, and mildew, but there is a host of different Odor issues out there.

One notable and common odor problem is the formaldehyde odor found predominantly in Recreational Vehicles, Mobile Homes, and Modulars.

These odors used to be treated by masking the odor with a series of deodorizers, but the smell would never leave.

Our treatment completely removes these odors, permanently.

Another example is Automotive Interiors. Detailers are always battling interior odors, and that “new car smell” spray only lasts so long… with our Mobile Air Quality Unit, the odor is gone.