How It Works

This impressive process stands out is due to the fact it is NOT a temporary fix, but a real cure to re-establish healthy air throughout the entire structure. Mold & Bacteria slowly devour bodies and homes in the same manner it decays fresh produce. In fact, mold is so invasive, it will eat into concrete. Invisible Mold and Bacteria growing in your home can contribute to a large percentage of the most common (and often deadly) health issues.

If you want to know what is living in your home and attaching to your lungs, look at what is attaching itself to your A/C filter. We have listened to tragic stories on how destructive mold has caused death to loved ones. Recently, it happened to Ed McMann’s family & Actress Brittany Murphy as well as my Mother. That is why we have a passion for helping you. Do not allow your family to live with these silent and deadly predators.

So many people have discovered this, without question, is the best method for truly killing mold and all these contaminants in an entire structure including in the A/C system. Exceptional contractors looking out for your best interest recommend Mold Gone 4 Good’s proven process in cases with no structure damage or as a finishing service after renovations and to save most contaminated household items. Even with immediate renovations from water intrusion and air scrubbers blowing in fresh air, the mold is still very much alive. Unsafe levels of mold and its musty odor inevitably will reoccur 1 – 5 years down the road. The Mold Gone 4 Good services are vital to prevent SBS. We are asked regularly if our machines are like ionizers, ozonators, air scrubbers, etc. Not even close! Our one-of-a-kind machines CAN NOT be compared to any other. We have never failed an after mold test. The green process will not harm food or items in your home and it truly works!

How long does it last?
Many of our clients convey their wonderful relief, faster healing, increased energy and better spirits when their body can recover before too much permanent damage is done from poor indoor air quality. Clients love their healthy home for years after one treatment!

As a bonus, we help to eliminate even the most severe PEST INFESTATIONS and their hazardous droppings. 97% of even the most stubborn invaders like roaches, dust mites, rats, fleas, spiders, bedbugs, etc. are not kept at bay, but destroyed! Roach droppings alone carry 33 viruses and diseases, are one of the biggest Asthma causers and contributor to sick building syndrome (SBS). Another bonus: Pests need bacteria to reproduce. Our process stops the cycle of life by eliminating the bacteria they need to reproduce. Hotels find Mold Gone 4 Good resolves their bedbug issue in 1 – 2 treatments without tossing beds, curtains and furnishings.